My Professional DJ Friend: Ralph Darden

In the 44th episode of Perceived Value host Sarah Rachel Brown sits down with musician Ralph Darden A.K.A. DJ Major Taylor. The two artists were introduced during Sarah’s recent trip to Chicago for the SNAG conference and after dancing all night to one of Ralph’s DJ sets, it was decided that he’d be the perfect podcast guest.

During a visit to his home town of Philadelphia, Ralph sat down with Sarah to discuss how he came to be a full-time musician, what types of events he finds most fulfilling to DJ, and what exactly does a DJ get paid.

Show Up: JB Jones of NYCJW

In the 43rd episode of Perceived Value host Sarah Rachel Brown takes a trip to NYC to interview one of the women working tirelessly behind the scenes to make New York City Jewelry Week happen. The inaugural NYCJW brought roughly 10,000 arts and culture enthusiasts to the big apple and this year is shaping up to be even bigger and better.

The two women sat down to discuss what experiences led JB to being a co-founder, the importance of showing up when trying to get your foot in the door, what lessons were learned from the inaugural year, and what visitors can expect from NYCJW19.

New York City Jewelry Week is happening November 18th - 24th.

Teach Me Always: Susie Ganch of Radical Jewelry Makeover

In the 42nd episode of Perceived Value, host Sarah Rachel Brown has traveled to Richmond, VA with a carload of jewelry and materials for donation to Radical Jewelry Makeover. It’s the perfect opportunity to connect with artist and educator Susie Ganch, who along with Christina Miller, helped design and develop RJM.

The two women sit down to discuss Susie’s undergrad experience and how that led her to metalsmithing, what Radical Jewelry Makeover is, and why Mr. Money Moustache should all be our new friend.

Fulfilling Her Dreams Stateside: Adwowa Obeng-Osei

In the 41st episode of Perceived Value, host Sarah Rachel Brown conducts her third and final interview at Adornment + Theory in Chicago, IL in conjunction with the Society of North American Goldsmiths conference this past May.

Sarah reconnects with Adwowa Obeng-Osei, whom she previously had on the podcast as part of her recordings taken during the ECU Symposium this past January. Sarah and Adwowa kept in touch and were excited to learn that they’d be crossing paths in Chicago while attending the conference.

The two women sat down to discuss how growing up in Ghana and what it’s like for a metalsmithing student there, Adwowa’s experience getting her visa to study abroad, and this talented metalsmith’s next big endeavor.

The Value Of Diversity: The Co-Curators of UNDEREXPOSED

In the 40th episode of Perceived Value, host Sarah Rachel Brown is in Chicago, IL set up with her microphones at Adornment + Theory, a curated art jewelry and design studio. Chicago is teeming with artists, jewelers, and metalsmiths in town for the Society of North American Goldsmiths annual conference and in conjunction, Perceived Value has partnered with Adornment + Theory for this special episode.

Owner Vivianna Langhoff, along with Chicago-based curator and arts-administrator Adia Sykes, have co-curated the exhibition UNDEREXPOSED. An exhibition which featured artist made jewelry created by artists of color. The series placed a finger on the pulse of an industry mainstream where there is little presence of diversity.

To enhance the reach and discussion of the work, Sarah sat down with the women to discuss how systemic racism has impacted the diversity of creative communities, how each curator has personally experienced racism within their creative careers, and why it is important to openly have these discussions.

2 Years In The Making: A Message From Your Host

August 14th marks 2 years that host and producer Sarah Rachel Brown has been creating Perceived Value. That’s 38 episodes, countless trips to record, one presentation at a symposium, one workshop on podcasting, a handful of recording on-site at special events, and a whole lot of hours spent on a laptop.

There’s a lot to be proud of and plenty more to look forward to in the upcoming year of the podcast. Today’s episode is not so much an episode but a special message from your host and producer. As Perceived Value Podcast turns 2 years old, Sarah wanted to give insight as to why she recently took an abrupt pause with the podcast and how she’s been handling all this hustling on her nights and weekends. Things are good but even when things are good, it’s important to take a step back and reflect.

The next full episode of Perceived Value drops on Friday, August 16th.

As always, thank you for listening.

Time To Do It Herself: Viviana Langhoff of Adornment + Theory

In the 38th episode of Perceived Value host Sarah Rachel Brown visits the midwest for the annual SNAG conference taking place in downtown Chicago. During her stay, Sarah travels to Chicago’s historic Logan Square neighborhood for a very special Perceived Value event at Adornment + Theory, a curated, art jewelry and design studio. In a coming episodes of the podcast, the recordings made during this event will be shared but first, it’s important to give insight to the woman whose vision and generosity made this event happen.

Viviana Langhoff is the owner and principal designer of Adornment + Theory and an artist filled with passion for what she does. Sarah and Viviana recorded this interview right in the heart of her beautiful space during regular Saturday business hours. The two women sat down to discuss tips on tackling debt, the ins and outs of opening your own brick and mortar, and the importance of realizing when it’s time to step out on your own.

BONUS EPISODE 03: Liz Kantner

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Getting Paid To Do Cool Shit: Curator Kellie Riggs

In the 37th episode of Perceived Value, host Sarah Rachel Brown travels to NYC to visit the Museum of Arts and Design to see their current exhibition Non-Stick Nostalgia: Y2K Retrofuturism in Contemporary Jewelry. The exhibition, which is on display through July 21st, was curated by Kellie Riggs, a contemporary jeweler, writer, and woman known for getting things done.

Having previously connected during Munich Jewellery Week, the two woman sat down to discuss how Kellie came to be a guest curator for the MAD, what it means to be a curator with an institution of this size, and being a bad to student to get things done.

Thank you to the Museum of Arts and Design for giving Perceived Value a space to record and to Kellie Riggs for your kindness and hospitality.

So Fresh + So Clean: Lucy Louise Derickson for EM Students

In the 36th episode of Perceived Value, host Sarah Rachel Brown has traveled to Richmond, VA to connect with a group of artists with strong ties to Ethical Metalsmiths, a community of caring buyers, jewelers, designers, and suppliers committed to responsible, environmentally-sound practices for all facets of the Jewelry Industry.

When Frustration Leads To Action: Blacksmith Mike Rossi

In the 35th episode of Perceive Value host Sarah Rachel Brown sits down with Philadelphia-based Blacksmith, Mike Rossi. In just a few short weeks, a symposium that Mike has been co-organizing for the past 2 years will be taking place at Bryn Athyn, PA. Frustrated with the lack of critical dialogue amongst their peers, Rossi, along with blacksmiths Warren Holtzman and John Rais, have decided to take action and bring their community together.

The two artists sat down to discuss Mike’s experience with the craft show hustle, and how a high schooler manages to save thousands for his college experience, and what it’s like putting together an event of this magnitude with no previous experience.

Looking Forward: A contemporary Blacksmithing and Metal Design Symposium will take place June 14th - 16th.

A Dual Effort: The Curatorial Team Behind #fail#success

In the 34th episode of Perceived Value host Sarah Rachel Brown takes us back to the inaugural NYCJW which took place this past November and shares two interviews she recorded during her livecasts at the NYCJW HQ in SoHo. During her full day of recording, Sarah sat down with both Kendra Pariseault and Manuela Jimenez, the curatorial duo responsible for the exhibitions ICONS AT PLAY which took place at Brooklyn Metal Works in 2017 and #fail#success which took place during NYCJW18.

Sarah sat down with each co-curator to discuss how this partnership came to be, how they financially produce their exhibitions, and the value of taking on this role within one’s creative community.

ACC Baltimore: Who goes to craft shows?

In the 32nd episode of Perceived Value host Sarah Rachel Brown is in Baltimore, MD for the American Craft Council’s American Craft Show. This annual, juried show features artists from all over the country selling handmade jewelry, furniture, clothing, and décor. Thanks to the support from the Baltimore Jewelry Center, Sarah was able to make the trip to the show and set up her microphones right in the middle of the Baltimore Convention Center where the event was taking place.

Sarah was curious about the demographic of people who sell, attend and shop at the ACC show. Does everyone who attends plan on spending money or do many go just to browse? For those exhibiting, how are sales good or down from previous years? What’s the value in buying handmade? How much does a ticket cost to get in…

All Work Is Studio Work: 2019 Material Topics Symposium

In the 31st episode of Perceived Value host Sarah Rachel Brown gives listeners insight to her recent presentation All Work Is Studio Work during the 2019 ECU Material Topics Symposium.

During the breakout session, Sarah and attendees discussed the importance of cultivating the next generation of writers, documentarians, and facilitators from all perspectives within the field of jewelry and metals. Sarah challenged attendees to think beyond the bench; just as important as the makers are the curators, editors, organizers, and educators. Each breakout session brainstormed topics within our field that those in attendance felt are not being adequately addressed, which included the lack of focus on business practices within academic programs and diversity within our field.

The sessions concluded with a series of short interviews between Sarah and artists who volunteered to be interviewed in front of the group. The intention behind these recordings were to demonstrate how to conduct an interview and to capture some of the energy and valuable discussions in the room that day.

A Couple of First-Timers: ECU Symposium with Michael Nashef

In the 30th episode of Perceived Value host Sarah Rachel Brown is in Greenville, North Carolina for the Eastern Carolina University Material Topics Symposium.  The annual symposium is a gathering of jewelers and metalsmiths ranging from hobbyists to professionals and Sarah has been invited as 2019 presenter.

This will be Sarah’s first experience presenting at this type of event and since being invited this past Spring, she has gained valuable insight as to what it means to be in this prestigious role.

 During the symposium she sat down with artist Michael Nashef who has been invited to present at the 2019 SNAG Conference in Chicago this May. This too will be his first experience as a conference or symposium presenter and so the two first-timers sat down to discuss what it’s like to prepare for this type of presentation, how much they’re getting paid or compensated, and what the value of this opportunity is beyond the paycheck.

An Unexpected Opportunity: Meera Gessner

In the 29th episode of Perceived Value host Sarah Rachel Brown is kicking off 2019 by interviewing an artist who is a self proclaimed mutt-of-a-maker working in all types of mediums, in all types of ways. From hair dressing to face painting, Meera Gessner has dabbled in it all and this multi-talented woman was recently offered an opportunity that was too good to pass up.

In just a few short weeks Meera will be packing up her belongings and moving from Pennsylvania to Iowa. The two women sit down and discuss why Meera is leaving behind her beloved city, what her intention is with accepting this opportunity, and why she needs this drastic change.

NYCJW: Livecasts From HQ!

In the 28th episode of Perceived Value host Sarah Rachel Brown returns from a month-long hiatus in which she recorded over 8 hours of material during the inaugural NYC Jewelry Week. Monday, November 12th, was the official first day of jewelry week and Sarah was at NYCJW HQ with her microphones speaking with artists and jewelers from all over the country with an array of professional and socioeconomic backgrounds.

From 11 am - 8 pm Sarah livecasted in an attempt to capture the energy on this exciting day. Thank you to everyone who stopped by to say hello, brought food + drinks, or gave a hug - your energy was key during this Perceived Value recording marathon.

Please enjoy this compilation of short-format interviews presented in the order in which they were recorded.

If You're Handed It, You Can Handle It: Liz Kantner

In the 27th episode of Perceived Value host Sarah Rachel Brown sits down with Liz Kantner; Digital Marketer and lover of all things jewelry. This interview could not have come at a better time, as Sarah has been working on her marketing kit and researching how to effectively spread the word of Perceived Value.

The two women discuss what the day-to-day on the job is like for a digital marketer, how you know when digital marketing is being effective, and how much does a digital marketer make?