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BONUS EPISODE 01: Moira and Jessica from the Baltimore Jewelry Center

BONUS EPISODE 01: Moira and Jessica from the Baltimore Jewelry Center

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 Our guests for the first BONUS Episode of Perceived Value!

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Moira Goldie Horowitz has found her way back to jewelry making in the past few years after dabbling in college. Her work is often inspired by objects she finds, antiquarian books, and her desire to make herself laugh. She is still learning and expanding her skills and style, and continues to take classes at the wonderful Baltimore Jewelry Center. Her creative endevours outside of metal include starring in rock operas (www.baltimorerockopera.org @bmorerockopera), making music, karaoke, and antique book restoration at the Kelmscott Bookshop (www.kelmscottbookshop.com @kelmscott_bookshop)

Instagram: @pot_o_goldie


As a Navy wife, I have enjoyed traveling the world and all around the United States, usually on route to the next coastal city I will call home.  In my metal work I combine the discovery of new textures and color palettes found in my travel. I find inspiration at every new stop especially through sea forms, landscapes and architecture. My work expresses my pursuit of color, texture and form.  I draw creative vision for my work in the pairing of contrasting details of costal scenery and manmade architecture.  

Jessica McGrath studied Open Studio Art with a concentration in Metals at Monterey Peninsula College.  Jessica continues her studies and is a community member at the Baltimore Jewelry Center.  Jessica resides and works out of her studio in the Annapolis, Maryland area.

Facebook: studio JmcG

Instagram: @studioJmcGjewelry




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